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Garden Route Timber Construction

New Homes and Additions - Wooden Deck Specialists


Garden Route Timber Construction Company has been providing quality decks, walkways, balustrades, pergolas and timber homes to a multitude of highly satisfied clients.

We’ve been in the business since 2007 and are the preferred contractor on the Garden Route for our professional and quality workmanship. Our reputation lies in our client's satisfaction, and in the fact that we don't get comebacks. Our jobs are complete only when the client is happy. And we go back to clients, not to repair problems, but to do new work for them.

Once you are our client, you will always be our client…


We use predominantly balau and gerapa, very hard woods that last for at least 30 years. Their quality ensures that we don't even have to treat them, and they alter colour naturally and gradually to a lovely lighter finish We also offer treated pine as an option, with the choice to have it varnished or not.